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"Tockenham’s history is a long one and it is believed that there may have been a settlement there in Roman times."
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A Roman villa a was excavated by the archaeological television programme Time Team in 1994. Based on pottery finds, the site was occupied from the mid 2nd century to the late 4th century.

Although no complete mosaic floors were found, tesserae and painted plaster were both found in some numbers, suggesting a major building phase in the 4th century.

The Domesday Book of 1086 recorded 17 households in the area.

At Tockenham Wick, in the north of the parish, is a substantial manor house dating from c. 1600, now Grade II* listed. Meadow Court, Tockenham, is a country house of 1630 and 1730, the latter designed by the potter-architect Nathaniel Ireson (1685-1769).

The manor house at Tockenham is Queen Court Farmhouse in the northwest of the village. The present building is from the 18th and 19th centuries and stands on the site of an earlier moated house.

A Free School was built at Tockenham in 1844, and became a National School in the 1870s. Children of all ages were taught until 1926, when the school closed owing to falling numbers. The school was reopened for wartime reasons from December 1940 to the autumn of 1946; subsequently the building became a private house.


There are many  wonderful footpaths in our parish. It is lovely that we have this facility to enjoy the countryside around us.

We appreciate that the majority of walkers are very responsible about where they walk, but, after a recent incident of trespass, we would politely request that respect be given to the landowners' property and  that walkers keep to the given paths.

On the other side, we will seek to ensure that, working with the landowners, the given paths do remain clear.   

All of our footpaths are detailed in a leaflet produced by Michael Knight. Please contact him for further details or download from the website below.

Tel 852513, Email Michael for more information. 

You can also now find a map of the parish, detailing the footpaths, on the main village noticeboard.

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