The Village Hall

lies in the centre of the village next to the Church. It was formerly the Village School.

The hall is owned by a local landowner, and leased to the Parish Council for a peppercorn rent.

The hall has a capacity of around 60 people and has a wheelchair ramp and disabled toilet.
The hall is very cosy and forms the heart of the village community life, along with the church.

The Social Club

is open to members most Friday and Saturday nights from 8.00 - 11.00pm.

The bar is manned by volunteers and the rota would also welcome a few more names!

The Management Committee

The hall is managed by the Tockenham Village Hall Committee (TVHC).

It has a CLUB LICENCE which allows the sale of alcohol to club members.



"Some great photos showing the fun had by all at the Irish Night"

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