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Our village defibrillator is in a locked yellow cabinet which is attached to the outside wall of the Village Hall, to the left of the entrance door.

Our defibrillator box is locked and some Villagers have the code but for anyone who does not have it, this is the code that unlocks the box C2589X  If you make a mistake inputting the code just start again with C, pressing C resets the locking mechanism. You then need to turn the black button on the front of the box anti-clockwise. (We would be grateful if you could keep the code safely as we need to ensure the defibrillator is not at risk from vandalism or theft.)

The postcode for the Village Hall is SN4 7PJ

In any medical emergency always call 999 first.  The defibrillator is registered with the South Western Ambulance Service, however they will only advise you to go to the one at the Village Hall and give you the code if you are within a certain distance of it. If you have forgotten the code someone would have to go to the Hall dial 999 again for them to tell you the code to unlock the box.

If you are able to administer CPR you should do so, and it is advisable to call someone else to go and fetch the defibrillator.

Inside the cabinet the defibrillator is hanging on a hook. A pack behind the defibrillator containing mouth guard, scissors, razor (to shave hairy chests) disposable gloves, is also available for use.

The defibrillator is very simple to operate, just open it and follow the voice instructions.

Every time the defibrillator is opened it is a drain on the battery, so PLEASE only open in an emergency.

If you have reason to use it, it is essential you let us know so the pads can be replaced.



We plan to run a defibrillator awareness course in October or November depending on what the Government guidelines will allow. The course will be run by Andrew Fuller from Full Aid Medical Services . It will be a free course and the cost of the training will be donated By Tockenham Village Fair funds. We will let you have more details and booking information in the future.

From the defibrillator guardians - Amanda Gillingham, Diana Kirby

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