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Church News

Church news

The current lockdown arrangements mean that we are still allowed to open the church for private prayer. The church building will be open each Wednesday from 12 noon until 4pm; please do feel free to come in and sit peacefully, praying or reflecting as you wish. Thank you to everyone once again for the magnificent donation for the Swindon Food Collective which was made at harvest time. We are aware that many families continue to have severe difficulties in providing food for themselves, so please do consider bringing more tins, packets and toiletries to the church on a Wednesday afternoon and place these in the box  which is inside the church. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Sale of jams, jellies and chutneys

Thanks to everyone who supported church funds by buying preserves from me recently. I have been continuing to make more, and different varieties are available now as well as some still remaining from the previous time. Standard jars are £2; smaller jars £1.50. How about buying some for friends and family as part of a Christmas gift? Please email me on or phone 01793 854157 for further details or to place your order, and we will arrange a suitably safe way to make the exchange. I look forward to hearing from you!
Pauline Arnold

Thank you so much to everyone for the generous gifts for the Swindon Food Collective. It was good to see so many people at our Harvest Thanksgiving, and I think we all agreed that the formula of meeting outside where we could have up to 30 people worked very well.

We live in uncertain times, but the following plans are within the regulations in force when this is being written in mid-October.

We are going to keep the church open for private prayer each Wednesday even after the clocks change. It is now 11am to 4pm, and please pop in any time between these hours for a time of quiet refelction and prayer. Everything you need for track and trace recording and for sanitisation is provided.

Remembrance Sunday is 8 November and once again we are going to have an outdoor service - 10.45am at the war memorial at Tockenham Corner.

As there wasn't an opportunity to sell jams, jellies and chutneys at the harvest supper as normally would happen, Pauline Arnold is offering them for a donation in aid of church funds.  Please let Pauline know ( or ring 01793 854157 if you would like some.

There is likely to be one 'live' service within our group of 6 churches, and one streamed service, each week. To catch up with news of what, where and when please sign up to the benefice mailing list by contacting Elaine Leighton our administrator, at to have your name added to the circulation list for details, and Elaine sends out the link to that day's service.

Please remember that both our ministers, Rachma and Karen, and also some of the church members in the village, are praying for everyone. If you have any particular prayer requests please let Rachma know (see below for email and phone contact) or Mandy ( or Ken and Pauline Arnold on 01793 854157.


If you wish to contact our Rector by phone or email please do so -  phone number 01793 731134.


We held a much-delayed Annual Church Meeting in September; Mike Cook was elected churchwarden, and the other PCC members remain the same - Sara and Robert Cutler, Ernestine Sizeland, Tom Horwitz and Pauline Arnold together with our ministers. Mandy Cook is entering her second year of training, mainly by distance learning, at Sarum College for what we call 'lay ministry' ie at the end she will be licensed to lead services and work in various roles across our group of churches. If you wish to contact our Rector by phone or email please do so -  phone number 01793 731134.


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