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Church News

May Reflection


May is exciting because Spring seems truly here. It marks the mid- point between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice and holds true promise of summer with lighter mornings and evenings and bright beginnings of green in trees and hedgerows, blossom, bluebells and some real warmth in the sun.

There are many traditional festivities linked to celebrating the new

crowning a May Queen, who originally represented the goddess of spring in pagan times

The Christian church has its own celebrations following the holy Eastertide.

Rogation Sunday is on 5th May this year. It is derived from ancient rituals and is a time when the boundaries of the Parish are walked and blessings asked for the crops and husbandry of the land.

Ascension Day is on 9th May and always falls on the fortieth day after Easter. It marks the time when Jesus ended his physical time on earth.

Pentecost is on 19th May this year. This is when the gift of the Holy Spirit is celebrated by Christians. Scripture describes the Holy Spirit in terms of flames, wind, the breath of God and a dove, depicting both gentleness and power.

However you enjoy the this special time of growth, awakening and blossoming it is surely time to be thankful for the gifts and the beauty of the earth and the pleasure and nourishment that its bounty gives us. But also, for the companionship, care, support and stewardship that we receive from our neighbours, family and friends. Whatever values and beliefs you hold surely all is a force for sustainment and good. Perhaps this month you may want to walk your own boundaries or those of the village and ask blessings or give private thanks, just beware of the mud and the boggy bits this year!

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