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    Church News

    News from St Giles' Church

    You will not be surprised to hear that all church services and other activities such as Busy Bees have been cancelled for the present. However we can still keep in touch by other means, or worship in private. Rachma hopes to conduct one service in the benefice each week and distribute it via the internet from Sunday 29th for people to share at home: more details soon.

    The church will be open in the daytime from Monday 30 March so you can visit quietly for prayer and reflection. A short booklet with prayers and will be available for you to use if you should wish to do so.

    We will not be spring cleaning or doing flower arrangements for Easter.

    The annual parochial church meeting is scheduled for Monday 30 March at 7 pm; we will let you know what's happening about this as soon as we can.

    It has been suggested that people light a candle in their front window on Sunday evening from 7 pm, as a sign of hope and solidarity.

    There will be more details about revised church arrangements in the April magazine; meanwhile I am happy for people to contact me if they have any questions,

    Pauline Arnold
    01793 854157

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