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mosaic after.jpg
mosaic before.jpg

May 2022 


The memorial plaque from Time Team's visit to Tockenham has now been fully restored and reset on a prominent plinth on the verge in front of the allotments.


It really is an important part of our village history  - so it is great to have it back.

Many grateful thanks go to Kevin Woolnough for organising the whole thing (particularly finding an artist capable of the restoration), to David Barnes and John Gough for sponsoring the restoration and to Kris Dickens for his help in resetting the plaque on the plinth.


And for interest, John contacted the Time Team group on Facebook  - and received the response below from Carenza (who used to live here!) and is one of their archaeologists -


"Carenza Lewis 

Thanks, Tockenham parish council, Fans of Time Team Archaeology will appreciate this! The Tockenham mosaic was the first of the permanent physical commemorations to #TimeTeam. Touring them all would be fun!"


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