harvest Supper 2017 (3)
harvest Supper 2017 (3)



Due to the latest lockdown, the hall is closed until further notice.

Hopefully this firebreak will allow families to be together at Christmas.

Message from Tockenham Lottery Team

 Due to the current environment, the parish lottery has been quiet. We congratulate the following parish lottery winners:


July   £20.00 'Sara' from Tockenham Corner and £10.00 Lynne Horowitz

August   £20.00 Connie and Martyn Jeepes and £10.00 Lyn Gaisford

September  £30.00 John Thomason (East Barn) and £20.00 Michelle Burke

October   £20.00 Ian Lowes and £10.00 Dave Gillingham

November £20.00 Kate Tarron (The Dairy) and £10.00 Pam Gough


The parish lottery fund, in agreement with the Parish Council, has purchased a hard wood 5ft bench that will be located on the junction of Orchard Lane and Primrose Hill, beneath the memorial trees. The idea to fund a bench was proposed by several parishioners 2 yrs ago. The bench should be in place over the coming Christmas period. The lottery fund will also contribute toward the cost of a replacement fence at the front of the allotments. I know that you will agree with Ali, Rosie and myself that both ventures will contribute much in the maintenance and improvement of our community.


Because COVID is still with us, Ali, Rosie and I have agreed to suspend running the lottery in 2021. We would like to hear your views on continuing the parish lottery from 2022 onwards. If the uptake is positive, we will commence selling tickets from September 2021.    


The final lottery draw for 2020 will take place in the 2nd or 3rd week of December. There will be three draws, one each at £100.00, £50,00 and £25.00

The Venture has always been about raising additional funds towards small projects that you believe would enhance your part of the parish. Thank you for the wonderful support received in this venture and, hopefully, the parish lottery will resume in 2022. 

 With kindest regards,

Kris Dickens