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    Wiltshire Council Mobile Library

    The mobile library will be visiting  St Giles Church 9.45-10.15  on the following dates.

    Tuesday 4th February

    Tuesday 3rd March


    Coffee Morning

    Future diary date – Coffee Morning Tuesday, 3rd March, 2020

    Once again it was lovely to see everyone at the Village Hall in January for the first coffee morning of 2020 – thank you to all our supporters.  Village Coffee Mornings are held on the first Tuesday of each month and everyone is welcome.


    The next coffee morning will be on Tuesday, 4th February between 10.30 a.m. and 12 noon, when we will have our first bi-monthly raffle of 2020 (as usual it would be much appreciated if you could bring a small item from home towards the raffle prizes – thank you). 


    From the donations made for coffee between July and December 2019 we raised a total of £ 95.92 and the Alzheimer’s Society was chosen, at our January Coffee Morning, to receive our donation on this occasion.  Since the inception of the Village Hall coffee mornings in January 2018, donations for coffee raised between then and December 2019 have equalled £392 and have been distributed amongst the following four charities – Macmillan Cancer Support, MIND, Brighter Futures (GWH Swindon) and The Alzheimer’s Society.  Thank you to everyone for your generous donations, these charities are most grateful.


    Please also, bring your unwanted books, for our ‘book exchange’ – please remember, though, that if no-one wishes to take your book you need to take it back home. Thank you.


    Everyone is most welcome – we look forward to seeing you.




    Open every Friday and Saturday evening. Please refer to the Village Hall page for more details.

    Busy Bees Toddler Group

    The Busy Bees baby and toddler group welcomes all mothers, fathers, carers and,babies and toddlers. It is held fortnightly on Wednesdays from 10.30am to 12.00pm in Tockenham village hall. Contact Revd Rachma on 01793 731134 or email reverendrachma@gmail.com for more details.

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    TOCKENHAM FAIR 20th June 2020

    Date set for the Fair - 20th June 2020

    First meeting 16th January 2020

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