Monthly Message

when I see you again

I will trace the tears on your face

with a wondering finger

as we both weep

when I see you again

I will hold you close and long

as if we were lovers

and I would never let you go

when I see you again

I will marvel at your fragile form

and imagine holding your precious life

in the palms of my hands

when I see you again

we will laugh like thirsty travellers

finding water in the desert

flinging gouts of joy into the sky

when I see you again

I will be grateful for all I took for granted..

and by God’s grace

we will live fresh-eyed and wondering in the world

like creatures newly born


Author Tina Hodgett 3 January 2021 

REFLECTIONS ON 2021 – Revd. Karen Rizzello

I write this in advent, looking forward to Christmas and the New Year. 

I think the question on a lot of people’s minds is – where did 2021 go?  I think it’s worth reflecting on that question.  What has this year meant for you and your family?  

Because the fact is that the years fly by and if we never pause and reflect we don’t really give ourselves the chance to appreciate the good things we need to be thankful for and the times when we have needed every piece of courage and fortitude to carry us through.

My thoughts are particularly with those who have lost someone this year, who have been ill or those who are feeling very low.  It would be so easy to let the dark days of winter, Covid19 and these experiences affect our whole outlook.  

Take heart; remember that whatever you must face you are never alone.  God is always there with you.  Like the angels watching over the nativity, we are being watched over and loved by our heavenly father and the hosts of heaven in everything that we do and live through.

The birth of the Christ child is a great sign of hope for the world.  Each year we remember the story.  The young couple without a place to stay in Bethlehem. The kindness shown by a stranger, the Inn Keeper, who found them a warm and dry place in the Manger among the livestock.  There Jesus is born and the world lights up with the hope and joy this child brings into the world.  The shepherds watch in wonder and the angels sing, ‘Glory to God in the Highest, and peace to his people on earth’.

I wish you every blessing this Christmas, with joy and good health in the New Year.

God Bless, Revd. Karen

Associate Priest

Benefice of Lyneham and Woodhill