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Monthly Message

April Reflection

Last month the reflection was about journeys and this month, as the year journeys deeper into spring, thoughts once again turn in this direction. As the blossoms and flowers emerge, we start to think of possibilities and, often, travels to different places.  Chaucer began his story of pilgrimage entitled ‘The Canterbury Tales’ with a speech to the month of April referencing the stirring of the soul that entices people to journey and discover. However, a thousand years before that the early Celtic Christians set out from Ireland, Scotland and Wales to journey for God. They made no plans but trusted that God would direct them. Records suggest that they would even set out to sea rudderless, letting the currents, tides and winds direct them. They also allowed themselves to be led by animals and the pathways they make. Wanderers, determined to go forward in faith, in the face of hardship and difficulty.

These days, we may find it more prudent to rely on travel timetables, maps and schedules. Although, the traits that kept the early pilgrims going are still relevant today. They surely needed patience, resilience, great faith, humility to accept help and compassion to give it where they could, as well as resourcefulness to make the best of situations in which they found themselves.

As we journey into April it may be an interesting exercise to use the points of the compass to reflect, in the way a retreat course recently described: 

North points to what’s stable, rooted, reliable and certain in our lives.

South offers the opportunity to connect with what’s alive, flourishing and joy-bringing.

West gives time to be with and process our losses and griefs.

East is about dawn and the invitations that are present for growth, change, fresh vision and new ways of being.

Happy travels this month be they physical or contemplative

when I see you again

I will trace the tears on your face

with a wondering finger

as we both weep

when I see you again

I will hold you close and long

as if we were lovers

and I would never let you go

when I see you again

I will marvel at your fragile form

and imagine holding your precious life

in the palms of my hands

when I see you again

we will laugh like thirsty travellers

finding water in the desert

flinging gouts of joy into the sky

when I see you again

I will be grateful for all I took for granted..

and by God’s grace

we will live fresh-eyed and wondering in the world

like creatures newly born


Author Tina Hodgett 3 January 2021 

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