Monthly Message

when I see you again

I will trace the tears on your face

with a wondering finger

as we both weep

when I see you again

I will hold you close and long

as if we were lovers

and I would never let you go

when I see you again

I will marvel at your fragile form

and imagine holding your precious life

in the palms of my hands

when I see you again

we will laugh like thirsty travellers

finding water in the desert

flinging gouts of joy into the sky

when I see you again

I will be grateful for all I took for granted..

and by God’s grace

we will live fresh-eyed and wondering in the world

like creatures newly born


Author Tina Hodgett 3 January 2021 

solstice sunrise.jpg

This photo of the sunrise over Tockenham on the morning of the winter solstice reminds us that there is always light to shine on our darkness.


The arrival of the light of the world is the essence of our Christmas message, and we need to carry this forward in our hearts and minds as we travel through what may be tough times ahead, with the dreary winter days, lack of opportunity to be outside, or the further spread of the pandemic. In our personal situations there may well be things that worry us or impinge on our ability to live life as we would wish. Let us keep in mind the promise given to us at Christmas and let the light of Christ shine in our hearts today.