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Covid 19

For up to date information on all Wiltshire Council services, and advice on how to stay safe and well during this crisis, please visit Wiltshire Council's Coronavirus webpage


The Parish Council is very pleased to report that, under the latest Government  COVID-19 Guidance, playgrounds can open from 4th July. Our play equipment will be open from lunchtime on that day - after hard surfaces have been sanitised.

The Parish Council would be very grateful if the following guidelines were adhered to -

  1. Please abide by Government rules  on Social Distancing

  2. No more than 2 children to be on climbing frame/walkway at any time The use of sanitising gel and antiseptic wipes is strongly recommended

  3. Please wash your hands thoroughly on your return home



  None of us have any idea how the current Covid-19 crisis will play out.  Until testing is completed and/or a vaccine is produced, it is likely to go on for some time yet.  There are also bound to be some unforeseen twists and turns.  As a result, we have been working to improve the resilience of our community in terms of the availability of household goods, and we have agreed a layered approach that we will now implement. This approach is aimed at supporting the community, the more vulnerable and any who may become more vulnerable.

  The conundrum in all of this is that we are all managing at the moment and so, arguably, there is no demand to do anything else.  But the situation may change and it is therefore sensible to have contingencies in place that we can use as and when required.  Hopefully we will not need them but I am sure that you will agree that it is better to be prepared than not.

  The agreed approach is:

  Home Shopping.  This is run by Diana Kirby (T- 853861 E-  with a series of volunteers who can shop for those unable to shop for themselves.

  Village Hall.  This will be run by Bill and Jane, Sara and Robert and Rosie and Anne.  With John Gough’s help, the support of the Village Hall Committee, and using the Village Hall account, we will slowly build up the stock of a few non-perishable basic provisions in the Village Hall. We have produced a list and are now checking the availability of these items.  We will publish the list when the stock arrives.  The way of distributing the goods to those who need them will either be by collection or by delivery. Payment will be by bank transfer or as a debtor to the Village Hall – details to follow.  If we have to use this method, we will look to buy perishables at the last safe moment.  If we have surplus stock  at the end of the crisis, these can be either sold off at the price paid for them or given to charity.  More to follow

  Bartering.  Bartering will involve an exchange of goods.  Several of you have already indicated that you have a surplus of some provisions – thank you.  Should the need arise, bartering will be conducted using email, and people will be put in touch with each other to make the exchanges. 

  It is hoped that we will not need any of these plans, but it is best to have the mechanisms in place just in case

  There is still much to be done and we will keep you up to date with progress

  Bill Moore


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